Photo Album Viewer

Clean and simple photo album viewer with a next and back button for browsing through the images, the script is completely self contained in a single html file and is easy to edit.




Javascript installation

Step #1 - Download and copy the script into the same folder as the images you want to display.

Step #2 - Edit the information in the select/option tags in the script to include the filename and title of each image as shown in the example below.

<select id="list" onChange="javascript:changeImage()">
    <option value="image1.jpg">First Image</option>
    <option value="image2.jpg">Second Image</option>
    <option value="image3.jpg">Third Image</option>
    <option value="image4.jpg">Fourth Image</option>
    <option value="image5.jpg">Fifth Image</option>

This is the only part of the script that needs to be changed, you can add as many images as you wish with no need to change anything else.

Download Script